Baxter of Baxter’s K9 Complex Bio


Baxter JumpingBaxter is a 9 year old Belgian Malinois. He is a extremely active with a high drive. Baxter came into our life when he was 5 months old. Baxter’s father is a Police K-9 in Chicago. He took to training like no other dog we have ever owned. What we saw in him more than anything is his athletic ability even at a very young age. Everything we asked was fast and accurate.

Dock Experience

Baxter’s first time off the dock was when he was 6 months old. He was just old enough to be on on the dock. This was that the end of the 2009 dock dog season. His first jump was over 15 feet. A star was born. The next year we stated our official 1st season of Dockdogs. St Louis Boat Show 2010 best jump 19 feet. Every event after he seemed to add foot to his score. Baxter went to the Indianapolis State Fair and broke the 2010 Iron Dog World Record. He kept competing in 2010 to earn a invite to the Dockdogs 2010 World Championships. He competed in Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog. Baxter took 1st place in Iron Dog and 2nd place in Extreme Vertical. Baxter had one amazing first Dockdogs season.


  • 2010 Dockdogs Iron Dog World Champion
  • 2010 Dockdogs Iron Dog National Champion
  • 2010 Dockdogs Big Air National Champion
  • 2010 Dockdogs Extreme Vertical National Champion
  • 2010 Dockdogs Rookie of the Year
  • 2011 Dockdogs Big Air World Champion
  • 2011 Dockdogs Big Air National Champion
  • 2011 Dockdogs Speed Retrieve Turbo National Champion
  • Baxter currently holds the indoor Big Air World Record 29’3″
  • Baxter has appeared on The Outdoor Channel, VS, NBC Sports, Fox and The David Letterman Show.