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Baxter’s K9 Complex Dog Grooming and Spa Massage Services

Baxter’s K9 Complex Dog Grooming and Spa Massage Services

We are pleased to announce Robyn Hood has joined the Baxter’s K9 Complex team our full service Head Groomer/Stylist. Robyn has 25 years experience as a certified pet groomer and pet massage therapist.  The services Robyn provides will make your pet feel relaxed and beautiful, especially after an

tips for living with multiple dogs

Tips For Living With Multiple Dogs

We all have busy summers ahead of us, full of activities that unfortunately don’t always include our loving companions. Humans have packed schedules and even though we would love to have our pets by our side all the time, it just cant happen. Our dogs

summer activities with your dog in st louis

Summer Activities with Your Dog in St. Louis

Kick off the summer with these fun activities listed below! Each event welcomes all pet lovers and some even allow our four-legged companions. Click the links for more information and let us help you complete your summer calendar! Cooking For Man & His Best Friend  Dierberg’s, 1080 Lindemann

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