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Tough Enough to Jump Event 2014

This fall Purina Farms and Team Tough Enuff will sponsor a canine dock-jumping event to support Child’s Special Needs Trust and MDA. Half of the proceeds will help a child with FA-related medical expenses and the rest will benefit muscular dystrophy. Mark your calendars for

Griz Sets Extreme Vertical World Record

Griz Sets Extreme Vertical World Record

Looks like Griz is following in his Dad Baxter’s footsteps! Just this past weekend Griz and his trainer Tony Lampert pulled off the impossible with a 8 foot 10 inch jump to set the new Dog Extreme Vertical World Record! It goes without saying that

extreme vertical world record holder griz

Griz Ties Extreme Vertical World Record

On July 13th at Libertyville Dog Day’s of Summer, Griz and Tony competed in the Extreme Vertical competition. Griz tied the world record of 8’4″. has shared a video of the record tying jump, here is the official post about Griz’s record on DockDogs. Congratulations to Tony and Griz, help

baxters pooches in the ballpark

Purina Pooches in the Ballpark at Bush Stadium

Baxter will be competing in the Dock Diving competition outside Bush Stadium at the 9th Annual Purina Pooches In The Ballpark on June 22nd. St. Louis canines will have the opportunity to “bark” on the Cardinals from pet-friendly sections of the ballpark and see Baxter

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