Dog Day Care

Whatever you call it… Doggy Day Care or Dog Day Camp; more people are coming to Baxter’s K9 Complex when they want dog day care in the St Louis and St Charles MO County areas. Our facility is located just off the Page Extension (MO-364) makes it easy for anyone to get to Baxter’s K9 Complex. Just 5 minutes from 270 and Page Ave.!

Why? We have a dog day care facility unlike anyone else. It’s a dog UTOPIA. We are well trained in taking care of your dog, which makes it easy for you.  Drop off your dog(s) for a day filled with fun and adventure.  No more will your dog be kept locked up all day in a kennel or just home alone. Allow them the exercise and socialization they need, too.

IMG_1909dog 1

While you are away, we will keep your dog well cared for, with over 8,000 sq. ft. that is energy designed. This means we have high energy play areas and moderate areas for those that want to get into the action. We have areas designed for your dog to rest, when they feel the need.  Our activity areas are full of ramps, jumps, tunnels and toys!  The best for your dog and no leash needed!

To increase safety from possible slipping and any damage to your dogs’ paws, we have equipped our Indoor/Outdoor Dog Park with wall to wall dog 3/4 inch rubber flooring. This is a safe and cleaner alternative to hard concrete, tile or a slippery vinyl floor. The outdoor dog run has luscious green canine grass, mud free.  It has the feeling of soft grass and provides a better alternative to hard concrete, which is hot in the summer. The K9 rubber flooring and K9 Grass is sanitized daily.IMG_1905dog painting


Pricing & Hours

Day Care Prices
Full Day $30
Half Day (4hrs or Less) $24
Additional Dogs (same time) $18
5 Day Pass

10 Day Pass

$135 (only $27.00/day!)

$250 (only $25.00/day!)

20 Day Pass $465 (only $23.25/day!)
30 Day Pass $599 (only $19.97/day!)
Day Care Hours
Monday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Tuesday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Wednesday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Thursday- Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Other Info

Our staff is well trained and attentive to the needs of your dog. The staff aids in providing enrichment during play time, attends to special needs, cleans up any accidental messes, and trained in breaking up any quarrels.

We can help if there are behavioral problems beyond the normal, from our association with various professional dog trainers.

* Must provide proof of shots; Bordetella, Rabies and DHPP vaccinations. All dogs must pass a “Temperament” test (free of charge) to assess how your dog will get along. Just stop in or Call us at 636-939-3000 to get started.