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Is Socialization Important for My Puppy?

Is Socialization Important for My Puppy?

We are frequently asked questions about training puppies and the best way to make them comfortable around other dogs. To answer the question, yes, socialization is extremely important for young dogs. They should be socialized around other dogs, people and children to help them feel

celebrity dog trainer says any dog can learn new tricks

Celebrity Dog Trainer Says Any Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Whoever said an old dog can’t learn new tricks would be in strong disagreement with celebrity trainer Babette Haggerty. The dog trainer to Hollywood’s elite recently wrote a new book called ‘‘The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet,” and she maintains that even if your dog knows

the best methods to stop a chewing habit

The Best Methods to Stop a Chewing Habit

Many people believe that canine chewing is isolated only to puppies, but many older dogs also adore using their mouths as tools. Sometimes, the subject of their chewing might not be what you intended, and despite buying them every indestructible item in the dog toy

how to train your dog to heel baxters k9 complex

How To Train Your Dog To Heel

Training your dog to heel focuses on your ability to get your dogs attention and hold it. The heel call should be used for short periods of time unlike a daily walk situation, it keeps your dog to your left leg until the are released

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