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Baxter’s K9 Complex Dog Grooming and Spa Massage Services

Baxter’s K9 Complex Dog Grooming and Spa Massage Services

We are pleased to announce Robyn Hood has joined the Baxter’s K9 Complex team our full service Head Groomer/Stylist. Robyn has 25 years experience as a certified pet groomer and pet massage therapist.  The services Robyn provides will make your pet feel relaxed and beautiful, especially after an

choosing the best name for your dog

Choosing the Best Name for your Pup

Sometimes the hardest part about adopting a new four-legged family member is deciding on the perfect name. During an introduction, the first thing we learn about someone is their name and that goes for pets too. When people come up to greet your sweet pup,

dog kisses improve health

Could Dog Kisses Improve Your Health?

Scientists at the University of Arizona say that our pooches wet kisses could actually be good for our health. We know your thinking of all the unsanitary places your dog digs their nose into but these researchers believe that the microbes your dog carries in his/her

st louis area dog saves life

St. Louis Area Dog Saves Girls Life

In Wentzville, MO, an 11-year-old girl is thanking Baily, her yellow Labrador retriever for saving her life. After going to bed Monday night, Danielle Davenport had a seizure and because none of her family was awake to realize, the dog took action. Danielle’s 12-year-old sister,

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