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Baxter’s K9 Complex Dog Grooming – K9 Klips

Baxter’s K9 Complex Dog Grooming – K9 Klips

We are pleased to announce Jessica Zitzner, K9 Klips, has joined the Baxter’s K9 Complex team as  the Canine Cosmetologist. Jessica graduated from Twin Cities School of Pet Grooming in 1997. After graduating, she was hired as a groomer for Pet Food Warehouse. Within 6 months

advantages of dog boarding

Advantages of Dog Boarding

Most dog lovers would agree we would love to bring our dogs with us everywhere we go, but frankly that’s not acceptable. For example, if you have a business trip or a family vacation planned, the hotel, plane, or amusement park most likely wont allow pets. This

choosing the best name for your dog

Choosing the Best Name for your Pup

Sometimes the hardest part about adopting a new four-legged family member is deciding on the perfect name. During an introduction, the first thing we learn about someone is their name and that goes for pets too. When people come up to greet your sweet pup,

dog kisses improve health

Could Dog Kisses Improve Your Health?

Scientists at the University of Arizona say that our pooches wet kisses could actually be good for our health. We know your thinking of all the unsanitary places your dog digs their nose into but these researchers believe that the microbes your dog carries in his/her

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