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st louis area dog saves life

St. Louis Area Dog Saves Girls Life

In Wentzville, MO, an 11-year-old girl is thanking Baily, her yellow Labrador retriever for saving her life. After going to bed Monday night, Danielle Davenport had a seizure and because none of her family was awake to realize, the dog took action. Danielle’s 12-year-old sister,

happy holidays 2014 baxters

Happy Holidays from Baxter’s

Happy Holidays to all of our pet lovers and their pups! We hope you are enjoying all of the festivities with your pets. Its time to fill yourself with yummy treats, open gifts, enjoy Christmas lights and more. During this fun time, don’t forget your

keeping your dog active in cold weather

Keeping Your Dog Active in Cold Weather

During the winter, we spend limited time outside with our dogs. They need exercise daily and because of the cold temperatures, your pets time to run around gets cut short and they get barely any activity. When your dog starts to get cabin fever they

a rescue to remember st louis

A Rescue to Remember

The Humane Society of Missouri made a name for themselves five years ago this month, now they are better known as the Missouri 500. They rescued 500 dogs that were constantly fighting for their lives. Sadly, not all of the 500 dogs made it but

take your dog to work day st louis

Take Your Dog to Work Day June 23rd 2014

Take Your Dog To Work Day Pet Sitters International (PSI) has been celebrating “Take Your Dog to Work Day” since 1999. They created this special day so you could experience the joy of having your furry companion at the workplace. It also encourages employers to

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